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Expert Witness

Info-Prod's financial and economic experts have provided numerous testimonies as expert witnesses, covering a variety of economic issues in legal cases.

Key areas we deal with are employment and employee compensation; labor migration and remittances; non-institutional money and asset transfers; the Arab Boycott and matters relating to it; and damages calculation.

Among the reports we have submitted to courts are: Calculating total compensation benefits for injured and permanently disabled expatriate workers; calculating damages due to a foreign business for lack of performance by a local partner; forming an opinion on the extent of liability of a transport company whose commitments to a client fell foul of Libyan bureaucracy, etc.  

Beyond providing detailed professional opinions in writing, our expert witnesses can call upon years of publicly-recognized professional expertise in defending their conclusions in court.

Info-Prod experts also provide evaluation and critique of reports by the opposing experts, identifying errors in raw data and weaknesses in their conclusions.


Financial Risk Analysis

Understanding and managing financial risk is central to the success of every business. Businesses must quickly identify, manage and capitalize on financial risk. Info-Prod has helped organizations manage risks by identifying risks facing the organization and advising them which precautions they must consider.

Our business/financial risk service provides not only consultation on a short-term fix, but also provides a long-term supportive relationship that will help your business continue to grow.

Political Risk Analysis

The importance of understanding political risks cannot be understated, especially in the developing world. Businesses must consider risks revolving around regulation, legislation, corruption, stability and pressure groups when entering unfamiliar markets.

Info-Prod has an unmatched understanding of political risk that can prove invaluable to businesses. Our staff conducts detailed political risk assessments that can mean the difference between success and failure. Often political risks become apparent too late. Info-Prod pinpoints not only the existing political risks, but the risks most relevant to your business.

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