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Client Success Stories

Info-Prod Research is proud of client successes. In numerous projects our vital market intelligence and years of expertise in the field guided decision makers to profitability and added value. Our access to unpublished sources makes us an indisposable resource for executives.


We enclose some examples of our work in the fields of competitor intelligence profiling, detailed market studies, business matchmaking and partner vetting.


Competitor Mapping - Saudi Transport Sector


Our report mapped out the competitor terrain, gave personal insights into the major players, pointed to inefficiencies in the market ripe for exploiting and advised on optimal market positioning. Our client also asked for an introductory market study of the Saudi market in general, its principal industrial sectors and major trading partners.


We went beyond the basic guidelines of the project by providing unpublished statistical data about the transport sector's subsectors, such as transport infrastructure.  This enabled our client to reposition and divert existing resources into far more profitable ventures.



Joint Venture Matchmaking



A British detergents company had Info-Prod help them to find a suitable Palestinian partner for the manufacture and marketing of detergents in the Middle East.




A leading international building materials company had Info-Prod conduct a search for prospective business partners. Once these were identified Info-Prod served as an intermediary between the company and the recommended candidates.



Risk Evaluation

An international financing organization wanted to fund a local factory project in Gaza, but individual investors refused to approve any soft loan in the absence of a feasibility study. The firm asked Info-Prod to perform an independent audit of the Gaza factory, and comment on the viability of related projects. The Info-Prod report proved critical to the eventual success of the project.



Sectoral Research 


Medical Equipment


A North American medical equipment company wishing to penetrate Gulf Markets commissioned Info-Prod to undertake sectoral research to determine the size of the regional market for medical supplies, identify principal importers of medical equipment, prevalent illnesses, equipment approval standards, and key contacts. The full 150-page report was completed within two months and included specific marketing strategies that facilitated subsequent negotiations. Within six months, the company had signed contracts valued at several million dollars with a number of local medical equipment distributors.




A large German company requested information on the sewerage system in Lebanon and received, in addition to specific information on local sewerage technology, an annotated copy of the Lebanese government's reconstruction plan.


Company-specific Information


A German company negotiating a joint venture with a Moroccan holding company asked Info-Prod to supply detailed background information, including a financial analysis of the company's 20-year history, survey of deals made with expatriate firms, and summary of financial status and workforce relations.



Market Entry Solutions


The Diamond Market in the GCC Countries, Egypt and Jordan


We provided specific market intelligence for a company seeking to penetrate the highly profitable but closed luxury jewelry market in the Middle East. Leading manufactures acknowledge the business potential of this region, which represents on average 25% of global sales.


The Pharmaceutical Industries of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States


The Middle Eastern region represents significant investment opportunities for the health sector. Investors continually come up against two major problems First, the lack of accuracy in the official statistics produced by ministries and health agencies. Secondly, in recent years, local producers have been increasing their market share while foreign companies have been squeezed out.


We assisted our client to reposition and revive revenue growth by mapping the basic structural changes in the market over the past decade and obtaining specific data about the demand for pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.


Cataract Surgery in the Gulf States and Egypt


In the first section, our analysis covered competition, market access and distribution of products and services. The second section provided a comprehsensive assessment of the healthcare system in the Gulf States and in Egypt. The Middle East suffers a particularly high rate of eye problems.


The Jordanian Concrete Industry


Our research was organized along the following lines; the total production of concrete in Jordan, a survey of the aggregate industrial statistics, existing companies, ownership of truck mixers, cost of components, labor costs, production costs, number of pumps.


We concluded that the concrete industry was ripe for a joint venture because local companies were not maximizing their potential in the promising because they lacked sales representatives and marketing skills. On this basis, we advised that the market was ripe for a foreign company to penetrate.


Middle East Civil Aviation


Undertaken before the 9/11 tragedy, we navigated through the complexities of air travel in the Middle East. The study elaborated on the future prospects of the air transport industry in the region. Currently air travel is relatively expensive in the Middle East and increased customer awareness should force airlines to compete in terms of price and quality.

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