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Algeria cancels weapons deal over Israeli parts

Doron Peskin,  10.12.09, Ynet


World's largest candy store opens in Dubai

Doron Peskin , 10.04.09, Ynet


Mideast's largest IKEA to open in Abu Dhabi

Doron Peskin,  09.28.09, Ynet


Recession costs Arab banks $4B

Doron Peskin,  09.25.09, Ynet


Arab League: Israel waging financial war

Doron Peskin,  09.22.09, Ynet

Jordan: Crisis hurts Israeli factories in Irbid

Doron Peskin , 09.11.09, Ynet


Dubai warns of tea price hike

Doron Peskin, 08.30.09, Ynet.


Gaza: Red meat prices too high for Ramadan

Gil Feiler, Doron Peskin,  08.26.09, Ynet


Hamas to grant workers $100 each for Ramadan

Doron Peskin, 08.23.09, Ynet


World Bank: Saudi Arabia strongest Arab economy

Doron Peskin, 08.08.09, Ynet


Syrian-French relations strained over wheat trade

Doron Peskin, 08.03.09, Ynet


Iran helping Hezbollah rebuild Lebanon
Doron Peskin, 07.22.09, Ynet


Saudi women want to sell lingerie

Doron Peskin, 07.22.09, Ynet


Saudis to pay $3.5 billion for security fence

Doron Peskin, 07.12.09, Ynet


German companies flee Iran following riots

Doron Peskin, 06.30.09, Ynet.


World Bank predicts tough year for Arab states

Doron Peskin, 06.28.09, Ynet


World's tallest skyscraper to be built in Saudi Arabia

Doron Peskin, 06.25.09, Ynet.


Syria: 160 villages abandoned due to famine

Doron Peskin, 06.23.09, Ynet


Libyan official: Oil price to reach $90 by year's end

Doron Peskin, 06.16.09, Ynet


China to help Iran produce natural gas  

Doron Peskin, 06.11.09, Ynet


New Lebanese government to face economic reality

Doron Peskin, 06.09.09, Ynet


Cairo sources: Israelis to dig for oil in Sinai

Doron Peskin, 06.06.09, Ynet


Israelis to clear mines in Turkey?

Doron Peskin, 06.03.09, Ynet


Islamic Bank to loan Syria 100M

Doron Peskin, 05.30.09, Ynet


UN reports drop in foreign investment in Mideast

Doron Peskin, 05.26.09, Ynet


PA cellular company to be merged with Jordanian firm

Doron Peskin, 05.25.09, Ynet


Iraq wants Israel to pay for bombing reactor

Doron Peskin, 05.10.09, Ynet


Flu to halt Arab countries' import of pigs

Doron Peskin, 05.07.09, Ynet


Iraq refuses to compensate Jews

Doron Peskin, 05.04.09, Ynet


Damascus office prices skyrocketing

Doron Peskin, 05.02.09, Ynet


Gaza merchants urge Israel to release goods

Doron Peskin, 04.26.09, Ynet


Iran wants oil barrel to cost $80

Doron Peskin, 04.21.09, Ynet


Unemployment in Arab world a 'time bomb'

Doron Peskin, 04.10.09, Ynet


Nablus stock market concerned over delayed telecom deal

Gil Feiler, Doron Peskin, 04.06.09, Ynet


Saudi campaign seeks to reduce number of foreign workers

Doron Peskin, 04.05.09, Ynet


Egypt fears return of 500,000 workers from Gulf

Doron Peskin, 04.03.09, Ynet


Following crisis: Arab world loses $3 trillion

Doron Peskin, 03.31.09, Ynet





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