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Entry Strategy Solutions

"A lack of familiarity with Arab markets has prevented many European companies from selling to the Middle East... Firms like Daimler Benz and L'oreal are now tackling this problem by working with Info-Prod..."The European

Our experience and information infrastructure uniquely qualifies us to conduct realistic and pragmatic market entry appraisals.  Alongside specialized knowledge of Middle East markets, our analysts have broad business experience.


We offer both macro level and niche market analyses.


Tender Strategies

There are many lucrative government contracts in the Middle East but too often foreign companies are not able to compete effectively through inadequate preparation and lack of cultural sensitivity. Info-Prod has developed an expertise in tender consultancy, building on our competitor intelligence capabilities.


Business Matchmaking

As part of our business matchmaking capability, we maintain an extensive database of distributorships and their methods of operation. Our distributorship consultancy serves a crucial function in any business plan concerning the Middle East market.


Political Risk Analysis

Political instability scares many executives from investing in the Middle East. Info-Prod specializes in determining which risks are likely to affect business operations and advises on the important precautions executives need to consider.


Exit & Repositioning Strategies

We also have experience in exit strategies and have worked in hiving off and diversifying loss-making organs in the most cost-effective way.


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