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Leading provider of original content news & top quality analyses

Our team of multi-lingual analysts has developed an unrivalled capacity to analyze business developments on the ground, in both Arabic and English, using primary sources.


On a daily basis, we track all the major newspapers, magazines, government reports and websites in every country of the Middle East and North Africa.


We collate all our research into a highly sophisticated in-house database that is acknowledged as being the most comprehensive repository of knowledge on Middle East businesses and businessmen in the world.


Our success is reflected in the fact we are a daily primary news source provider to the world's top media outlets including Factiva (Reuters and Dow Jones), FT, Dialog, Lexis Nexis and the Gale Group.


The following are just some of our competitive advantages:


  • In-house multi-lingual team with NATIVE English language writing skills

  • A diverse network of information sources on the ground and inside key industries throughout the region

  • Experienced analysts who know what industry needs and is looking for

  • Sophisticated technology that delivers real time results as they happen

  • Proprietary technology


    Please check for detailed information on:


    Largest Middle East specific database of businesses and businessmen in the world


    Tailored industry custom wires, news products and alert services

    Cost-effective Reputation Monitoring Service


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