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Books Authored by IPR Staff Members

Leading publishers have called upon Info-Prod and upon company founder Dr. Gil Feiler to produce authoritative works on the economics of the Middle East. Drawing upon Info-Prod's unparalleled resources and experience, these books provide information and insight into the Middle Eastern marketplace.



Economic Relations between Egypt and the Gulf Oil States, 1967-2000

Dr. Gil Feiler, Sussex Academic Press, November 2003



This book sheds light on the inner workings of Egyptian foreign policy, offering a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the relationship between Egypt and the Gulf States.


The book provides a wealth of economic data and a wide range of personal interviews.












The Middle East in the New Millennium - Economic Development and Business Law

Dr. Gil Feiler, Kluwer Law, 2000



This book is conveniently split into country sections providing analysis and facts on political and economic developments, the business environment and a legal review. The easy-to-read book is intended both as a guide and a reference work for business executives who are looking for useful, relevant and concise information.


Countries covered include Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Authority, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.










Funding Islamic Terror

Dr. Gil Feiler, ICT, July 1999





This publication is a ground-breaking work that tracks sources of terror financing and contributed considerably to research on money laundering.















Business Laws and Economic Prospects in the Middle East and North Africa

Dr. Gil Feiler and Yaacov Yisraeli, Israel Export Institute, June 1998



This publication provides an in-depth analysis of business operations throughout the Middle East and North Africa with a particular focus on the logistics of business operations and investment.


It was written principally for exporters and long term investors seeking to improve efficiency in their operations in the Middle East.









Rethinking Business Strategy for the Middle East and North Africa, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)

Dr. Gil Feiler, EIU, June 1997




This work, commissioned by the EIU, gives a fresh perspective on Middle East business strategy by giving in-depth analysis of ongoing trends across a range of sectors.













دليل الاعمال الاسراءيلي   Israel Business Guide (written in Arabic)

IPR Staff, November 1995




This work, written in Arabic, just after the Oslo Accords gives a comprehensive overview of the business climate in Israel for Arab professionals wishing to familiarize themselves with this market.












Chapter "Middle East CI Sources: Problems and Solutions" in Competitve Intelligence Review, Volume 10, Number 2 - Second Quarter


This article introduces the steps necessary to locate the most reliable, accurate, and up-to-date Cl in the Middle East region, elaborating on: (1) Availability of Cl sources in the region; (2) general content advantages and disadvantages of using these sources; (3) technical difficulties and obstacles for Western Cl seekers; (4) methods applied to overcome various barriers; and (5) how to use Cl sources appropriately for your organisation's needs. The article includes specific case studies to illustrate the difficulties inherent in obtaining Cl in the region, and methods to gather necessary materials and leads.




From Boycott To Economic Cooperation: The Political Economy of the Arab Boycott of Israel

Dr. Gil Feiler, Frank Cass, November 1998


This is the first comprehensive and updated study of the Arab economic boycott of Israel to be published since it started to disintegrate in the aftermath of the Madrid Conference of 1991. The book explores the development of the boycott, its theory, practice and legality from the American, Arab, European and Israeli perspectives. The book is based on Arab archival material and recent documents, as well as on interviews with a wide range of personalities who were involved with the various aspects of the boycott over the years.






The Military Indusries of the Arab World in the 1990s

Chapter entitled, "The Politics and Economics of Defence Industries", Frank Cass


This chapter gives a wider perspective to the driving forces behind arms trading in the Middle East and the development of arms industries at the state level.







Growth Potential Significant for Arab Diamond Markets In "New York Diamonds", Number 32



Bridge Over the Bosphoros: A Business Guide to Turkey


Dr. Gil Feiler, Tzurit Shaked and Doron Peskin, Israel Chambers of Commerce Association, October 1997 (Hebrew)






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