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Lack of data prevents many businesses tapping into the immense potential of the vast Middle East market. Info Prod Research and ipr Strategic Business Information Databases are dedicated to filling this market need with accurate, comprehensive and reliable information on strategic and tactical planning.


We work on a commercial basis directly with decision makers in the world's top companies and act as a primary news source for the best known global media providers.


Our unique competitive advantages rest with our organizational structure. We are split into two complementary units designed to maximize the efficiency of our processes and give our clients a competitive edge


Info-Prod Research (Middle East) 

 ipr Strategic Business Information Databases


Info-Prod Research incorporates unique assets:


  • The world's largest MENA business databases, covering commerce, businesses and people

  • A diverse network of information sources on the ground and inside key industries throughout the region

  • Experienced analysts

Clients benefit from our facility to integrate both fieldwork and deskwork providing valuable business support at every stage of the business cycle.


Our projects range from competitive intelligence profiles, market intelligence studies, business matchmaking services, joint venture consultancy and partner vetting.


Info-Prod analysts periodically publish studies on Middle East business subjects.


Our team of multi-lingual analysts has developed an unrivalled capacity to analyze business developments on the ground, in both Arabic and English, using primary sources.


On a daily basis, we track all the major newspapers, magazines, government reports and websites in every country of the Middle East and North Africa.


We collate all our research into a highly sophisticated in-house database that is acknowledged as being the most comprehensive repository of knowledge on Middle East businesses and businessmen in the world.


Our success is reflected in the fact we are a daily primary news source provider to the world's top media outlets including Factiva (Reuters and Dow Jones), FT, Dialog, Lexis Nexis and the Gale Group.



Info-Prod has put together valuable databases on all the major countries in the region and in most industry sectors.

                                                                Business Marketing, Advertising Age, Chicago, July 1994.

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