Info-Prod Research

Competitor Monitoring

Info-Prod is in a priviliged position to equip decision makers with information on competitor capabilities and intentions. Our extensive network of business contacts throughout the Middle East combined with superior media monitoring capacities and sophisticated in-house database technology gives our reports unrivalled depth and breadth. Our on-the-ground contacts are also able to determine the financial health of companies and the propriety of directors and funders.

Our competitor intelligence projects are very varied but usually operate on the following lines:

Full Competitor Mapping

For this we mobilize both our fieldwork and deskwork capabilities to provide a comprehensive competitor, sector and market study.

Pinpoint Competitor Profile and Background Checks

We are also able to provide specific details on a single business or executive. Again this service is offered both on an ad hoc and ongoing basis.

Competitor Compliance

Backed up by our powerful media monitoring capabilities, we also specialize in regulatory tracking and can provide specific information on competitor compliance, positioning and relations to government officials. Our unrivalled in-house database has consistently proven an invaluable resource for supplementary project information. We have made a particular impact in our work on identifying sources of terror financing.


This service is generally offered on a retainer basis but we can also offer this on an ad hoc basis.

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