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One of the main difficulties confronting potential investors in the Middle East is the lack of reliable and relevant business information. Investors from Western and Far Eastern countries also face a serious language barrier, as most information currently available in the Middle East is either in Arabic, Hebrew, or Persian.

The inadequacy of existing global databases has prompted Info-Prod to develop its own comprehensive computerized database. Information is culled and logged daily by a team of experts whose past experience, language abilities, and contacts open doors to valuable and often very unconventional sources of information. This powerful tool can be enlisted to provide customized product and market studies, at any level of detail or sophistication.

The Info-Prod Database is divided into several categories:
  • Immediate information, which includes current business bids and tenders, custom tariffs and regulations;
  • business intelligence data on companies, executives, and personnel;
  • sector studies covering agriculture, chemicals and petrochemicals, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, medical, transportation, high-tech industries, and more.
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