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Partner Evaluation

Among the key assets a local partner brings to the business relationship is the ability to get things done locally, and the provision of a beneficial local ‘face’ for your firm.

When selecting and working with a local partner it is therefore crucial to have an independent verification of his true influence and capabilities, and of his local reputation among decision-makers, the business community, and the public at large.

Info-Prod uses its unique network of personal connections in order to get a detailed perspective on the local partner. The key paramaters we examine are:

Private Reputation – is the partner known among local businessmen for straight dealings? For effectiveness and reliability? Does his reputation inspire trust and goodwill?

Public Perception – what does the man on the street think of the partner? Does his public image match the values you want to be associated with?

Connections – can the partner open doors with local clients, officials and bankers? Can he get you fast and efficient results?



Partner Evaluation Case Study

A British firm had been assured by a Moroccan businessman that his impeccable personal connections at the highest levels of society, government and business would ease their way in his home market. Newspaper stories and online articles showing him on intimate terms with many top persons in the country seemed to confirm his claims.

However, an Info-Prod evaluation gave surprising results: Four months prior, the businessman had been quietly declared persona non-grata by official circles due to shady dealings that could have tarnished a royal reputation.

This development was not public knowledge, but the top local businessmen were all aware of his new standing, and avoided any interaction with him. A senior banker, sizing up the person’s large outstanding debts and his lack of resources, predicted the date on which he would flee the country.

The client was warned, and avoided a potentially harmful and embarrassing entanglement.


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