About Info-Prod

Info-Prod is a business consultancy specializing in the Arab markets of the Middle East and North Africa.

For two decades, we have been providing a range of market research, business development and consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations, financial institutions, governments, and large NGOs, along with many of the Middle East's top executives, business owners, and investors.

Info-Prod has earned a reputation for getting reliable, actionable and precise information on markets, industries and companies that are usually considered impossible to penetrate due to their closed and non-transparent nature. Info-Prod constantly covers a variety of industries, such as transport, concrete, finance, pharmaceuticals, and many others. The company works in all of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

Info-Prod is also frequently called upon by clients to takes a "hands on" involvement, and has taken an active role in developing business in the region, for example  setting up joint ventures between international and local businesses by providing business matchmaking, financing and headhunting assistance, etc.

As a result of Info-Prod's wide-ranging work over the years, the firm has established an extensive network of personal contacts with decision-makers, officials and executives throughout the region that is unparalleled. Through these contacts Info-Prod gains unique and in-depth insight and information.

Info-Prod's enormous breadth of information on Middle East business and economy has led the world's top business publishers and databases to request daily business news coverage from the company. For the past 14 years Info-Prod has providing round the clock reporting on economic and business developments in the region to Dow Jones/Factiva, The Financial  Times, LexisNexis (the world's leading database for lawyers and accountants), and other major news agencies and business publishers around the world. The company's articles are also regularly quoted by various news media, appear on Google News, and are republished by various publications.

Info-Prod founders and owners are Mr. Muzi Wertheim, a leading Israeli businessman with holdings in Coca-Cola Israel, Mizrahi Bank, and Keshet Television, and Dr. Gil Feiler, an internationally recognized expert on Middle East business and economics, who serves as Info-Prod’s managing Director.

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