Investing in Russia, the Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Kazakhstan

Investing in Russia, the Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Kazakhstan

Gil Feiler, Alexandre Garese


This is the first comprehensive informational database of the major political, economic and legal issues that organisations world-wide need to know about in order to do business in Russia and surrounding countries. The text summarises the major economic developments in this dynamic region, provides accurate and up to date sources on business legislation, and gives crucial practical advice to business people and foreign investors.

Using local as well as international sources, each country text provides detailed information on: best business opportunities and sectors; legal issues relevant to trade and business activities, including franchising; information on investment laws, the judiciary, labor law, taxation, IPR laws, currency and banking, and business partnership opportunities; and contact details of government offices, business associations, calendars of business events, etc.

While the Energy sector holds a global significance and tops the international business communities' investment priorities, especially in Russia and Kazakhstan, economic dynamism has been demonstrated over the last decade in all these countries, and there are substantial business opportunities in all economic sectors. Written by an Economics Analyst with a proven track record in providing business information, and a Corporate Lawyer with extensive experience of engaging at contractual level with business and government organisations in these countries, this book is essential reading for all those involved in Legal, Business, Investment and Political decision-making.

Hardcover 198 pages

Publisher: Sussex Academic Press (September 2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1845192435

ISBN-13: 978-1845192433

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