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Market Research


Infoprod conducts market surveys in the Middle East and North Africa, covering specific geographical target markets or the region as a whole.

Starting with a hundred respondents and a handful of questions and ranging to thousands of participants and multi-page questionnaires, we can deliver quantitative research data quickly and efficiently.

Our survey work can include broad consumer segments, targeted respondents, or businesses and decision makers only.


Survey case study

Info-Prod conducted a unified consumer survey in 16 Arab countries for a major East Asian car manufacturer.

Participants were interviewed in person by local representatives in each country. The Participants answered 12-page questionnaires that covered their preferences in car design, automobile financing terms, marketing messages, and more.

These multiple data points played a key role in shaping the car manufacturer’s marketing efforts in the region over the past three years.

Reputation Monitoring

Info-Prod’s reputation monitoring service can provides clients with a concise overview of their public reputation. Our multilingual and culturally knowledgeable staff can determine your standing at the city, state, country or regional level.

As part of our reputation monitoring service, we monitor both the tradional press and the newer online Arabic media. We also provide in-depth coverage of the fast-growing and Arabic user-generated content – forums, discussion rooms, blogs and online communities. Our monitors identify mentions of the clients, their brand, partners and other matters of interest to them.

Our reputation monitoring service allows our clients to identify and deal with negative public perception as it develops, and to leverage positive trends to their best advantage.

Market Mapping

Info-Prod provides a tailored market mapping service that enables our clients to assess and analyze markets before a launch or expansion.

Our advanced mapping processes identify how the specific market works. We identify the market mechanics, market size, key players, trends in sales, pricing, importers, suppliers, demographic information, regulatory environment, product sophistication, taxes, market penetration and potential, sectoral projects and entry strategy options.

We provide this information in a comprehensive report that provides clients an overview of the specific market helping them evaluate their business potential.

Market Research

Info-Prod can be a critical factor in the success of a business. Our market research projects cover a range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques that provide the maximum insight about the market.

Our competitive advantage is our local understanding. We not only have access to local market data, but have unmatched understanding of the psychology and culture of local markets that our competitors do not. We are on the ground. We do our own research.

Quantitative Research case study: Info-Prod conducted a consumer survey in the Middle East for a major East Asian car manufacturer to determine local preferences. The data collected was seminal in shaping the manufacturer’s marketing efforts in the region.

Qualitative Research case study: Info-Prod conducted interviews with over one hundred executives on behalf of a European government to determine their preferences when deciding on whether or not to enter the specific country’s market.

In addition to providing our client with executive preferences, we offered them specific contact details from executives whose preferences matched market opportunities in the their country.

Tender Intelligence

In the tender bidding process, in-depth knowledge of the decision-making structure, the local partners, and competitors all contribute to a successful outcome.

Our tender support services includes identifying the actual decision makers and their interests, clarifying for our clients their unstated constraints and preferences.

We also evaluate the relative merits and standing of the various bidders and their proposals.

As the bidding and evaluation process proceeds, we keep our clients informed of the developments, as well as updating the evaluation of bid standings and success prospects.

Additional tender support services include identifying tender opportunities for our clients, recommending potential local and international partners for joint tender bids, evaluation and selection of suppliers, public relations messaging, monitoring of competitors, and identifying agents of influence.

Tender Intelligence Case Study:

A multibillion-dollar infrastructure project was announced in Saudi Arabia that attracted a number of multinational bidders. As part of the bidding process, each bidder partnered with a local consortium.

Info-Prod advised one of the foreign firms on the relative degrees of influence that each local partner had with the tender issuer, and other merits. We briefed our client on the best local firms to work with and the best consortium to join.

Info-Prod clarified for the client what the key points of interest were to the tender issuer, allowing an optimal offer to be made.

Our client heeded our recommendations and joined a consortium that won the tender.

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