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Market Mapping

Info-Prod provides a tailored market mapping service that enables our clients to assess and analyze markets before a launch or expansion.

Our advanced mapping processes identify how the specific market works. We identify the market mechanics, market size, key players, trends in sales, pricing, importers, suppliers, demographic information, regulatory environment, product sophistication, taxes, market penetration and potential, sectoral projects and entry strategy options.

We provide this information in a comprehensive report that provides clients an overview of the specific market helping them evaluate their business potential.

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Tender Intel Case Study

A European firm interested in bidding in a multibillion-dollar infrastructure project in Saudi Arabia required assistance in choosing a local consortium to join. Read More...

FCPA Case Study

A U.S.-based defense and aerospace corporation required inspection of the ownership of an Abu-Dhabi company to comply with FCPA guidelines. Read More...

Matchmaking Case Study

A car battery manufacturer sought to establish a factory in Jordan and required local partnerships. Read More...

Terror Finance Case Study

After hearing rumors of a Bahraini bank’s connection to terror financing, a European bank required a thorough investigation. Read More...