Info-Prod Research

Executive Recruitment

Info-Prod’s executive recruitment offering is comprised of professionals who understand where to locate top talent in the Middle East. Our market knowledge, insider perspective and deep experience allows Info-Prod to identify, evaluate and quickly access inactive and active talent pools.

Joint Venture Formations

Info-Prod is active across the Middle East in assisting foreign companies in all aspects of joint venture formation. Whether assistance is needed in the formation, financing, operation or restructuring of cross-border joint ventures, Info-Prod can help your company.

We are the acknowledged regional leader in establishing joint ventures between Western and Middle Eastern firms. Info-Prod boasts involvement in over 50% of all joint ventures between Jordan and Israel.

Distributor Selection

Info-Prod has an intimate knowledge with the actual workings of the Arab markets, and maintains an extensive database of distributorships and their methods of operation throughout the Middle East & North Africa, listing literally thousands of distributers for the various consumer, business and government sectors.

When clients want to set up or improve their distribution networks in any Arab country, Info-Prod provides them with suitable candidates. We match the capabilities, experience and commitments of local distributors to the market and segment focus and the support requirements of the client. An additional consideration is often the selection of a distributor supportive of the client’s overall image and positioning.

Once a shortlist of candidates is derived, we may proceed to make the introduction between the parties, and to offer any support requested during their negotiating process.

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