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Info-Prod boasts wide-reaching business networks across the Middle East and beyond. Info-Prod provides matchmaking for all types of businesses from across the globe.

We find appropriate manufacturers, buyers and distributors while negotiating favorable contracts and agreement for our clients.

Our experts provide an unmatched understanding of the local market, trademarks and intellectual properties that are useful in joint venture formation and management recruitment.

Info-Prod will facilitate face-to-face meetings with public and private organizations bringing you actionable results. In addition, we are experts and understand how to take advantage of free trade agreements that will pull our clients ahead of their competition.


Matchmaking Case Study:

A multinational manufacturer and distributor of car batteries wanted to explore the potential of setting up a factory in the Middle East, and commissioned a research report from Info-Prod on this matter.

Beyond the basic economic and regulatory considerations, our report pointed out the advantages of locating the new factory at a QIZ (Qualifying Industrial Zone) in the Kingdom of Jordan, which would provide additional benefits in direct access to the US market without tariff or quota restrictions.

The manufacturer than requested Info-Prod’s help in locating a suitable local partner with which to set up the proposed joint venture.

Info-Prod located a wealthy Jordanian family with other industrial holdings. With a new generation completing their education and ready to take on responsibilities, this family was interested in expanding its portfolio, and this particular project was of the perfect size for them, and in a field of activity they felt comfortable with.

Info-Prod matched the two sides together, and escorted them through the stages of joint venture formation. The Jordanian partner agreed to invest both capital and labour in the project, and naturally used its local credentials and connections to assist in its success.

Once the agreement to set up a new company had been concluded, Info-Prod located senior management for the venture, including local CEO, CFO and chief engineer for the plant. These individuals impressed both sides with their professional qualifications as well as with their clear commitment to the new firm. They quickly moved to set up production with international experts.

With low labour costs, high quality and the benefits of the free trade zone, the new JV company enjoyed consistent profits.


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