What the Press Has to Say About Info-Prod Research
The Wall Street Journal
"Info-Prod Research (Middle East) Ltd. isn't the only firm in Israel offering research and analysis of the Arab and Israeli markets. But even its rivals say that while they're collecting data on general economic trends in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Info-Prod can tell clients everything, from what kind of women's undergarments sell best there to the most popular brand of cheese at the local supermarkets..."
The Wall Street Journal, November 9, 1993
Business Week
"Gil Feiler (is) one of Israel's top consultants on Arab economies"
Business Week, September 13, 1993.
"Info-Prod has information on even the smallest factories in the West Bank and Gaza"
Al-Ra'ed, a Palestinian daily,(before the Palestinian-Israel Peace Accords) November 1993.
"Information culled from the comprehensive databases of Info-Prod will transform Israel into a base of business transactions for the Arab world..."
Al-Ra'i (Jordan's most widely-read news daily), April 6, 1994.
Advertising Age
"Info-Prod has put together valuable databases on all the major countries in the region and in most industry sectors."
Business Marketing, Advertising Age, Chicago, July 1994.
The Journal of Commerce
"Info-Prod serves as a broker for business information throughout the Middle East... the firm has linked western firms to Middle East markets and has set up more than 20 joint ventures between Israeli and Palestinian concerns"
The Journal of Commerce, July 6,1994.
The European
"A lack of familiarity with Arab markets has prevented many European companies from selling to the Middle East... Firms like Daimler Benz and L'oreal are now tackling this problem by working with Info-Prod... "
The European, October, 1995.
The Guardian
"... Gil Feiler, an expert on Middle East business..."
The Guardian, April 6, 1998.
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IPR Research

The Transport Sector in Saudi Arabia
"Provides an in-depth economic analysis about the Saudi market, its principal industrial sectors and foreign trade. A major portion of the research is devoted to the transport sector in Saudi Arabia, its present condition and its future prospects. The research further provides a multitude of statistical data about the transport sector and of all its subsectors. Future prospects are focused more on enhancing the efficiency of existing infrastructure than on expansion.".
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IPR Books
Rethinking Business Strategy for the Middle East and North Africa
Published by the Economist Inteligence Unit, 1997
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