Some of the projects we have completed:

Medical Equipment
A North American medical equipment company wishing to penetrate Gulf Markets commissioned Info-Prod to undertake extensive sectoral research, i.e., to determine the size of the regional market for medical supplies, identify principal importers of medical equipment, prevalent illnesses, equipment approval standards, and key contacts. The full 150-page report was completed within two months and included specific marketing strategies that facilitated subsequent negotiations. Within six months, the company had signed contracts valued at several million dollars with a number of local medical equipment distributors.

An American trucking company interested in expanding some of its services to the Middle East asked Info-Prod to prepare a comprehensive market survey. Our report covered various aspects of the transportation sector, including legislation, existing bus services, etc. The project was completed within one month.

A leading international building materials company had Info-Prod conduct a search for prospective business partners. Once these were identified Info-Prod served as an intermediary between the company and the recommended candidates.

A large German company requested information on the sewerage system in Lebanon and received, in addition to specific information on local sewerage technology, an annotated copy of the Lebanese government's reconstruction plan.

A leading US airline company considering expansion of its services to the Middle East commissioned Info-Prod to prepare a comprehensive survey of the Middle East civil aviation market towards the year 2000, along with separate reports on specific domestic Arab markets. The final report included analysis of political risk, by country, in addition to forecasts of country demand for air transport services.

Following a presentation given by Dr. Gil Feiler to a group of international businessmen and academics in Cairo in March of 1993, several international corporations had Info-Prod investigate and report on the potential for growth in the Middle East tourism sector.

Company-specific Information
A German company negotiating a joint venture with a Moroccan holding company asked Info-Prod to supply detailed background information on said company, including analysis of a 20-year company history, survey of deals made with expatriate firms, and summary of financial status and workforce relations.

Science and Technology
A European organization commissioned Info-Prod to advise on how best to foster cooperation with the Arab countries in the areas of science and technology.

Investment Analysis
Several European construction companies approached Info-Prod for information about prospective construction in Gaza and the West Bank. The Info-Prod report detailed potential investment in Palestinian infrastructure over a period of 3-5 years, and included data on links between Arab and Israeli construction concerns.

Market Perspective
A Scandinavian producer of cement-processing equipment wanted to assess the potential regional market for its products. To gain a broader marketing perspective, they commissioned Info-Prod to survey the cement industry and to provide listings of existing factories and of the types of equipment used locally.

An international company requested and received from Info-Prod complete details on the multi-million dollar market for imported tires in the Gulf States.

Gold and Jewelry
A conglomerate involved in the gold and jewelry trade asked Info-Prod to analyze the import and export market for precious metals in the Gulf States.

Sectoral Analysis
A multi-million dollar Peace Fund (established by one of the largest banks in Israel, Bank Leumi Israel, and the Union Bank of Israel) and a mutual fund focusing on investments in Israeli companies, asked IPR to identify the sectors and individual Arab businesses most likely to profit from increasingly warm relations with Israel.
Our report included a comprehensive survey of industry in the West Bank and Gaza, detailing factory production data, figures on imports of raw materials and workers per factory, as well as listing the leading factories in each industry based on export figures and expected future earnings.

A British detergents company had Info-Prod help them to find a suitable Palestinian partner for the manufacture and marketing of detergents in the Middle East.

Risk Evaluation
An international financing organization wanted to fund a local factory project in Gaza, but individual investors refused to approve any soft loan in the absence of a feasibility study. The firm asked Info-Prod to perform an independent audit of the Gaza factory, and comment on the viability of related projects. The Info-Prod report proved critical to the eventual success of the project.

IPR Research

Middle East Civil Aviation in the 1990's
"Draws a complete picture of the present state of air travel in the Middle East... elaborates on the future prospects of the air transport industry in the region".
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IPR in the Press

"Even its rivals say ... Info-Prod can tell clients everything"
The Wall Street Journal, November 9, 1993.
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