Middle East CI Sources: Problems and Solutions

Chapter "Middle East CI Sources: Problems and Solutions" in Competitive Intelligence Review, Volume 10, Number 2 - Second Quarter

Gil Feiler, Info-Prod Research (Middle East) Ltd.


This article introduces the steps necessary to locate the most reliable, accurate, and up-to-date Competitive lnteliligence in the Middle East region, elaborating on: (1) Availability of Competitive lnteliligence sources in the region; (2) general content advantages and disadvantages of using these sources; (3) technical difficulties and obstacles for Western Competitive lnteliligence seekers; (4) methods applied to overcome various barriers; and (5) how to use Competitive lnteliligence sources appropriately for your organization’s needs. The article includes specific case studies to illustrate the difficulties inherent in obtaining Competitive lnteliligence in the region, and methods to gather necessary materials and leads.

Competitive Intelligence Review, Volume 10, No. 2 (second quarter), pages 46-51

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (1999)

Language: English

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