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InfoProd has prepared many market research reports for clients interested in specific sectors and countries. The following are some examples:

The Economy and Transport Sector of Saudi Arabia
This thorough market research provides an in-depth economic analysis about the Saudi market, its principal industrial sectors and foreign trade. A major portion of the research is devoted to the transport sector in Saudi Arabia, its present condition and its future prospects. The research further provides a multitude of statistical data about the transport sector and of all its subsectors. The transport sector comprises some 10% of the non-oil GDP and employs a considerable 6% of the kingdoms work force. Future prospects are focused more on enhancing the efficiency of existing infrastructure than on expansion.

The Diamond Market in the GCC Countries, Egypt and Jordan
This thorough market research provides essential market intelligence about the diamond and the jewelry market in the Middle East. While GDP per capita remains low in most of the Middle Eastern countries there are still people who can afford jewelry even in the poorest countries of the region. Many leading manufactures acknowledge the region importance and for some of them the Middle East represents 25% of their sales. Saudi Arabia is considered to be among the most important markets in the world. Saudi Arabia's total market for gold ranks third in the world after the USA and India.

The Pharmaceutical Industries of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States
Middle Eastern regimes put heavy emphasis on health care in their strive to improve the quality of life for their citizens. This detailed market research provides invaluable background information as well as statistical data about the demand of pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. The pharmaceuticals market has gone through some fundamental changes beginning from the 1980s. The regional trend has been that local producers have increased their market share while foreign companies have been forced to fight hard for their market shares. The total market for pharmaceuticals in the Middle East is expected to exceed USD 5 billion in 1996.

Cataract Surgery in the Gulf States and Egypt
This highly informative research does not only provide information about the most usual market aspects such as competition, market access and promotion of products and services. This research goes further to provide a total assessment about the healthcare system in the Gulf States and in Egypt. Consideration is also given to the unusually high rate of eye problems in the Middle East and the various relatively recent programs launched to fight these eye problems.

The Jordanian Concrete Industry
This must be one of the most highly detailed market researches ever done about the Jordanian concrete industry. The research provides information about the existing companies, the total production of concrete in Jordan, ownership of truck mixers, cost of components, labor costs, production costs, number of pumps etc. At the present the concrete industry in Jordan is a suppliers market: many of the companies do not employ any sales persons, nor do they engage in any kind of marketing. This picture may change if the number of local manufacturers will increase and if foreign companies will decide to enter the market.

Middle East Civil Aviation in the 1990s A detailed market research that draws a complete picture of the present state of air travel in the Middle East. The study further elaborates on the future prospects of the air transport industry in the region. Air travel is a major mode of travel in the region and it is expected to expand when economic interaction between Middle Eastern countries will increase. Currently air travel is relatively expensive in Middle East and increased customer awareness is predicted to force the airlines into price and quality competition.

The Transport Sector in Jordan This in-depth research provides a comprehensive study about the transport sector, which constitutes about 10% of the total GDP, in Jordan. It furthermore offers an updated general introduction into the Jordanian economy and into recent economic developments that have taken place in Jordan. The research covers all transport sectors, major facilities and long term developments plans.

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From Boycott To Economic Cooperation: The Political Economy of the Arab Boycott of Israel Gil Feiler, Ph.D.
Published by Frank Cass, November 1998.
In English
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"Info-Prod has put together valuable databases on all the major countries in the region and in most industry sectors."
Business Marketing, Advertising Age, Chicago, July 1994.
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Flag of Saudi Arabia
Saudi labor laws ensure preferential treatment for Saudis in hiring over equally qualified foreign nationals, mandating that three-quarters of every employer's work force must consist of Saudis and that no less than 51 percent of the employers' total payroll be paid to Saudis.
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