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1 The Meat Market in the Kingdom of Jordan
2 The Alkaline Batteries Market in the Middle East
3 The Tea Market in the Middle East
4 The Pharmaceutical Industries of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States
5 Qatar Natural Gas Sector - Fifth Quarterly Review
6 Overview of the Middle East Lottery Market
7 Cataract Surgery in the Gulf States and Egype
8 The Ophthalmic Markets of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
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Tender Intel Case Study

A European firm interested in bidding in a multibillion-dollar infrastructure project in Saudi Arabia required assistance in choosing a local consortium to join. Read More...

FCPA Case Study

A U.S.-based defense and aerospace corporation required inspection of the ownership of an Abu-Dhabi company to comply with FCPA guidelines. Read More...

Matchmaking Case Study

A car battery manufacturer sought to establish a factory in Jordan and required local partnerships. Read More...

Terror Finance Case Study

After hearing rumors of a Bahraini bank’s connection to terror financing, a European bank required a thorough investigation. Read More...