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Info-Prod Research - Providing Business Information on the Middle East
The countries and peoples of the Middle East represent a vast market with immense potential, yet for most businesses lack of data makes the region virtually uncharted territory. Info Prod Research is dedicated to providing decision makers with accurate, comprehensive, and reliable information on the Middle East.

Our activities include running coverage and in-depth analysis of the many countries and markets in the region. Info-prod specializes in market research, matching-up businesses, and investment in the Middle East marketplace. Info-prod offers assistance in the strategic and tactical planning of campaigns aimed at the Middle East market, including market analysis, pricing, advertising, choosing distributors, logistics, legislation and regulations. Info-prod has been responsible for establishing many of the existing joint ventures in the region.  
Info-prod provides its regular clients with a telephone consultancy service, as well as the regular ME Business Watch and multilingual newsletter services. Info-prod supplies, on a daily basis, timely commercial information to leading world online service providers such as Reuters, Lexis-Nexis, Dialog, FT Profile, Genios and Information Access Corp. (IAC). Its data is also available on CD ROM.

Info-Prod's success results from the accuracy and authenticity of its information, the professional caliber of its staff, and the efficient and dynamic nature of its activities. Its findings are extensively quoted by leading business and financial publications in the world, including the Wall Street journal, Business Week, Reuters, Bloomberg, Le Monde Diplomatique, and the Arab press.

Info-Prod maintains a regional branch office in Amman, Jordan, in association with the Century Group. The Century Group, a conglomerate of joint ventures ranging from software to sand mining, has been a trailblazer in developing commercial ties between Jordan and multinationals - such as Sarah Lee Corp., and Motorola Inc. Info-Prod also maintains two branch offices in the USA and the UK.
IPR in the Press

"Even its rivals say ... Info-Prod can tell clients everything"

The Wall Street Journal, November 9, 1993.

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