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Leading publishers have called upon Info-Prod and upon company founder Dr. Gil Feiler to produce authoritative works on the economics of the Middle East. Drawing upon Info-Prod's unparalleled resources and experience, these books provide information and insight into the Middle Eastern marketplace.

From Boycott To Economic Cooperation: The Political Economy of the Arab Boycott of Israel
Gil Feiler, Ph.D.
Frank Cass, November 1998.
In English
This is the first comprehensive and updated study of the Arab economic boycott of Israel to be published since it started to disintegrate in the aftermath of he Madrid Conference of 1991. Gil Feiler explains the evolution and development of the boycott which was first formally imposed by the Arab League in 1946, even before the State of Israel formally came into existence, and examines all aspects - including the theory, practice and legality - of the longest lasting example of economic sanctions in the 20th century, as seen from the American, Arab, European and Israeli perspectives. He also looks into the prospects of the slowly developing reality of economic relations and co-operation between Israel and its neighbors which has accompanied the Middle East peacemaking process.

As well as its broad scope, the particular value of this study is that it is based in part on Arab archival material and recent documents, as well as on interviews with a wide range of personalities, who were involved with the various aspects of the boycott over the years. As an academic who specializes in Middle East economics, as well as the director of a firm that deals both with Middle East market research and actual economic contacts in the region, Gil Feiler is well-equipped to present and analyze the phenomenon of this boycott and its significance.

November 1998. ISBN 0 7146 4866 3 cloth 39.50/$54.50
344 pages, English ISBN 0 7146 4423 4 paper 17.50/$24.50

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Rethinking business strategy for the Middle East and North Africa
By: Gil Feiler (Ph.D.)
The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
June 1997
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Business Laws and Economic Prospects in the Middle East and North Africa

By: Gil Feiler (Ph.D.), and Yaacov Yisraeli,
Israel Export Institute,
June 1998
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Israel Business Guide
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Benno Lichtenfeld Publishers,
November 1995
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Bridge Over the Bosphoros: A Business Guide to Turkey
By: Gil Feiler, Tzurit Shaked and Doron Peskin,
Israel Chambers of Commerce Association,
October 1997
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Scientific and Technological Cooperation Between Israel and Egypt: Possibilities and Achievements
Gil Feiler,
      Tel Aviv University Press,
      January 1991
      In Hebrew, English Abstract
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Although the Kuwaiti market is relatively small, franchising offers profitable opportunities. The population of 2.2 million have high disposable income. At present, most franchises are in fast food, with most of the major US fast food companies already established in the market.
Opportunities exist for franchises in other areas such as: automotive service centers, beauty salons, testing centers, dry cleaning/laundry shops and photocopy stores. An example of a new franchise is the ACE Hardware store that opened in Kuwait city.
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